Faster Than Light #1A new comic out Sep 9’th from Image Comics

In the very near future we discover the secret of faster-than-light travel. Suddenly the universe is wide open to us, but are we ready for it? With all the idealism of the original Star Trek and the grit and immediacy of Gravity, the story of humanity’s first thrilling and terrifying adventures to the stars takes


  • Story By: Brian Haberlin
  • Art By: Brian Haberlin
  • Art By: Geirrod Vandyke
  • Cover By: Brian Haberlin
  • Cover By: Geirrod Vandyke
  • Published: September 9, 2015
  • Diamond ID: JUL150557


Hugh B. Long
Hugh B. Long is an Award Winning Canadian Author & Journalist. He writes full-time, and is passionate about Science Fiction and Fantasy rooted in Mythology. He also writes Norse and Viking themed non-fiction under his pen name - Eoghan Odinsson.

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