After the movie Star Wars, I spent most of my time immersed in Space Opera through TSR’s Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn, and its expansion, Knight Hawks. Both Fantastic games. Here’s my take on the top 10 Space Opera RPG’s. I’ll update the list once the poll has had enough time to generate sufficient votes. – Hugh B. Long

Space Opera RPG Master List

This is a trimmed list from Wikipedia. There are some cases where a listed game has several variants. For example: Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Fantasy Flight Games) – Has several seemingly distinct parts: Edge of Empire, Age of Rebellion, etc. Though these are separate books, they are more like campaigns than distinct games. I’ll detail those on the page for the games in the list. The intent is to have a page for each.

  1. Battlelords of the 23rd Century – space opera
  2. Blackwatch
  3. Buck Rogers XXVC
  4. D6 Space
  5. d20 Future – accessory for d20 Modern game
  6. Fading Suns – space opera
  7. FTL:2448
  8. GURPS Space
  9. Incursion
  10. Jovian Chronicles – mecha and epic space battles
  11. Legionnaire – based on the Renegade Legion space opera strategy boardgames
  12. Living Steel
  13. Macross II – based on the mecha anime film and manga
  14. Mach: The First Colony
  15. The Mechanoid Invasion
  16. The Metabarons Roleplaying Game – based on the Metabarons space opera comic book series
  17. Pax Draconis – space opera
  18. Prime Directive – set in the Star Trek-derived Star Fleet Universe
  19. Ringworld – based on Larry Niven’s novels
  20. Serenity – based on the TV series Firefly and the film Serenity
  21. Shatterzone
  22. Space Infantry
  23. Space Master – adaptation of Rolemaster
  24. Space Opera
  25. Spaceship Zero
  26. Splicers
  27. Star Frontiers
  28. Stargate SG-1
  29. Star Hero – adaptation of the Hero System
  30. Starship Troopers
  31. Star Trek: The Role Playing Game (FASA)
  32. Star Trek Roleplaying Game (Decipher)
  33. Star Trek: The Next Generation Role-playing Game
  34. Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game (West End Games)
  35. Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Wizards of the Coast)
  36. Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Fantasy Flight Games)
  37. Star Wreck Roleplaying Game – comedy; based on the Star Wreck fan film series
  38. Traveller
  39. Traveller: 2300 – hard science fiction
  40. Universe
  41. Warhammer 40,000
  42. World of Synnibarr

* If you notice something missing, let me know on the polls/suggestions page

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