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Indie Artist/Author Spotlight

A weekly post featuring an Indie Artist or Author in the Space Opera genre. I’ve seen some amazing work come out of the Indie community.

Evan Currie is a fellow Canadian who started writing Fanfiction. He was originally an Indie, but the success of his Odyssey One series got him picked up by Amazon’s Publishing arm – 47North.

Jennifer Foehner Wells, one of my Facebook buddies, has created a virtual empire with her Indie release Fluency. It’s an award winning hit and was one of my two favorite books in 2014.

There are countless other quiet Indies out there. Let’s give them a voice!

Hugh B. Long
Hugh B. Long is an Award Winning Canadian Author & Journalist. He writes full-time, and is passionate about Science Fiction and Fantasy rooted in Mythology. He also writes Norse and Viking themed non-fiction under his pen name - Eoghan Odinsson.

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