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Gary Gibson
Born 1965
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Occupation Science fiction writer (formerly graphic designer)
Nationality British/Scottish
Alma mater Glasgow Caledonian University
Notable works Angel Stations; Against Gravity; The Shoal sequence (Stealing Light, Nova War, Empire of Light)

Gary Gibson (born in 1965) is a science fiction author from Glasgow, Scotland.


After studying Sociology, History and Politics at the Glasgow Caledonian University, Gary Gibson worked as a "small press" comics magazine editor[1][2] before following courses in desktop publishing and design and subsequently freelancing as a graphic designer.[1][3]

After marrying Emma, Gibson relocated to Taiwan[1] before moving back to Glasgow in 2010.[4]


Gary Gibson has been writing since the age of fourteen[2][3] and has published eight novels to date, four of which linked to each other to form the "Shoal Sequence".[5]

He is a member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle.[1][6]

Publishing history

After publishing some short stories[6] Gary Gibson saw his first novel, Angel Stations, released in 2004 by Tor,[7] that was nominated in 2005 by the British Fantasy Society for the award of best novel of the year,[8] award that was eventually won by Stephen King with The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower.[9]

He followed up the following year with Against Gravity,[10] also nominated by the British Fantasy Society for the best novel of the year award[8] won that year by Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys.[9]

In 2007 Gibson published Stealing Light,[11] the first novel of the trilogy The Shoal Sequence. The series introduced the characters of Dakota Merrick, Lucas Corso and the alien Trader-in-Faecal-Matter-of-Animals, a fish-like member of the Shoal race, who rule all inhabited space through their exclusive knowledge of the secret of faster-than-light travel. The novels involve a discovery regarding the origins of this technology. Stealing Light was followed in 2009 by Nova War,[12] in 2010 by Empire of Light,[13] and in 2013 by Marauder.

In 2011 Gibson published Final Days,[4] the first installment of "The Final Days" series.[14] And in 2012 Gibson published The Thousand Emperors, the second book in "The Final Days" series

In 2014 Gibson published Extinction Game,[15] the first installment of a new series.[16]

Other activities

Gary Gibson plays guitar.[1] He also keeps a blog called White Screen of Despair and a profile on Twitter.


Gibson has published the following novels:

The Shoal Sequence
The Final Days
The Apocalypse Duology

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