M.D. Jackson

M.D. Jackson

M.D. Jackson, Artist

I have been an artist, designer and an illustrator for many years. My work has appeared in Art Scene International Magazine, ImagineFX Magazine, A Fly in Amber, Abandoned Towers, Flashing Swords, Outer Reaches Magazine, Realms Magazine and on the covers of various anthologies from Pulpwork Press and Rage Machine Books among others. I have done illustration work for Airship 27.

I work in a digital medium, mostly with Corel Painter but also with Photoshop. Happily I am also handy with an ink pen and, of course, that old tested and true technology of the HB pencil and a scrap of paper.

You can visit my online gallery at mdjackson.artstation.com

I am available for commissions. You can contact me by emailing mikenfran3@hotmail.com

Jan van de Klooster

Jan van de Klooster

Jan van de Klooster  –  Science Fiction Space Art

I’m 69 years old, and maybe not your typical 3D SF guy. My first Science Fiction influence was the Flash Gordon comic, which appeared daily in my parent’s newspaper. I loved it! That was 1952, later when I learned some English, I read a lot of SF paperbacks, like Asimov, Niven, Anderson, Bradbury, you name it. When I was in my twenties I bought a box with mini-posters of Chris Foss art and papered my room with them. Then in 1979 or there about, I saw the first Alien movie and I went right back to see it again. I loved the realism, the grungy inside of the Nostromo corridors, the natural way the crew acted, bitching about wages etc. Later movies like Avatar, Oblivion, The Star Wars Saga, Elysium. I visited them mostly to look at the graphics, the ships, the effects. The stories became less and less important for me. I am a visual guy. I also admired the traditional painter John Harris, who made really awesome Science Fiction and Space art.

I got into SF Art via Corel Draw and Photoshop at first. In 1987 I had my first Atari 16 computer and it had a very simple 3d program. Later in 1995 when I was in the United States I bought (the first, I think) LightWave program. I use Vue for my rendering and landscaping.

I am hobbyist and an autodidact. I work very intuitively.

Where you can find more of Jan’s stunning art:



3D Art Direct  

issue 44 features an interview of me at page 31:  http://issuu.com/tosk/docs/issue44/1

What people are saying about Jan’s work

Kim de Wit: This is 3D art with style and atmosphere. It often reminds me of Chriss Foss, but the human element is not forgotten.

Christer Lystad Vebenstad: Klooster has atmosphere and moody, warm lighting. Even in the cold vacuum of space.

Jonathan Meyer: From Earth to the far reaches of space. 3D space based art for the masses. Science fiction images that will blow your mind.

Duncan Long

Duncan Long

Duncan Long, Artist

Duncan Long has created book cover artwork and illustrations for HarperCollins, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, American Media, Ilex, ISFiC Press, Moonstone Books, Fort Ross, Enslow Publishers, and many other small presses, indie publishers, and self-publishing book authors. He has been selected by the Collaborative Summer Library Program as a featured illustrator for 2013.

Here’s what they’re saying about Duncan’s artwork and book illustrations:

“Duncan Long is the real deal. I’d purchase books that he has illustrated the cover for, even if having no intention of reading it! It’s amazing that a person can portray imagination that vividly!” – Dan Hagerty,Mercenary Graphics

“Duncan Long’s concept illustrations for 
Werewolves of New Idria have brought the characters to life…. If the story should move to the screen, Duncan’s beautiful renditions of the Werewolves of New Idria will have been instrumental in it having done so.” – John Chadwell (coauthor of Werewolves of New Idria with Ron Shusett, writer/creator of AlienTotal Recall, etc.)

“We’re privileged to know who we think are the two best graphic artists in the entire world, not just the country, the world. One of them… is Mr. Duncan Long.” — Talk show host Victor Thorn, Wing TV

“To call him a prolific artist would be understatement, at best. Get yourself a snack and settle back while Duncan takes you on a wild ride through worlds only he has dreamt of.” — Reviewer, “Time, Space and Duncan Long,” 3D Millennium, M3 Corporation, Inc.

“It would be a complete understatement to say that Duncan Long is a pleasure to work with.  His engaging sense of humor and astonishing creative abilities made my book cover art experience a joy.  For my second novel, 
Lead Me Not Into Temptation, I believe that Duncan created one of the most interesting and provocative pieces of book art that I’ve seen in a long time.  I can’t wait to see what he can do for my next book!” – Dale Allan, author.

Check out his website at http://duncanlong.com

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