Screenshot 2015-09-18 08.40.11One of my compatriots over at the Space Opera Facebook group put me on to this (Thanks Roy!)

This is a short film / proof-of-concept for a future series or movie. The premise is that a group of people from a dying Earth have been sent to find a new home for humanity. When they arrive at the candidate planet, things go terribly wrong. Another species of alien was already there, and does not seem to be too happy about the human’s arrival. Also, did I mention dinosaurs? Well, megafauna, to be more precise, but still.

Check it out.

  • Co-written and directed by E.B. Rhee
  • Co-written and produced by Aaron Strongoni.

Hugh B. Long
Hugh B. Long is an Award Winning Canadian Author & Journalist. He writes full-time, and is passionate about Science Fiction and Fantasy rooted in Mythology. He also writes Norse and Viking themed non-fiction under his pen name - Eoghan Odinsson.

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